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Materials for the Digital Scholarship workshops at NCSU Libraries
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360 degree Videos the Easy Way
Advanced Omeka
Creating Compelling Infographics
Creating a Scholarly Website
Getting Started with Building Digital Exhibits in Omeka
Harvesting Data from Twitter
Introduction to XML and Digital Scholarly Editing with TEI
Measuring Your Research Impact
Storytelling with GIS
Tracking Online Research Engagement with Altmetrics and R
Understand and Build Your Scholarly Identity

NCSU Digital Scholarship Workshops

Project website:

Digital Scholarship logo image

This repository contains materials created by the NCSU Libraries for our Digital Scholarship Workshop Series. The Spring 2018 launch of the series focused on topics such as scholarly identity, research impact metrics, and the digital humanities. The series is still growing, so we will be adding more workshop materials to this repository. Our workshop series supports an open environment for researchers to learn digital tools and methods for creating, sharing, and evaluating new forms of scholarly outputs.

These workshop materials are intended as a resource for anyone who wants to conduct or adapt these digital scholarship workshops.

If you would like to comment or add content, please feel free to add an issue or make a pull request!

Please see our Project website to view the workshops list and supporting materials.

NCSU Libraries

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