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Example 03 Integration with vibe.d

The example shows how to create vibe.d daemon. The example http server binds to localhost:8080 and responds with simple hello-world page.


import dlogg.strict;
import daemonize.d;

import vibe.core.core;
import vibe.core.log;
import vibe.core.log : VibeLogLevel = LogLevel;
import vibe.http.server;

Daemon description from example01, the main difference is that you don't need manually stop daemon via false return. The exitEventLoop will stop main execution.

alias daemon = Daemon!(
    "DaemonizeExample3", // unique name
        Composition!(Signal.Terminate, Signal.Quit, Signal.Shutdown, Signal.Stop), (logger)
            // No need to force exit here
            // main will stop after the call 
            return true; 
        Signal.HangUp, (logger)
            logger.logInfo("Hello World!");
            return true;
    // Default vibe initialization should be performed after daemon forking as inner vibe resources are thread local
    (logger, shouldExit) {
        // Default vibe initialization
        auto settings = new HTTPServerSettings;
        settings.port = 8080;
        settings.bindAddresses = [""];

        listenHTTP(settings, &handleRequest);

        // All exceptions are caught by daemonize
        return runEventLoop();

The simpliest vibe handler that responds with "Hello World!" to any request:

void handleRequest(HTTPServerRequest req,
                   HTTPServerResponse res)
    res.writeBody("Hello World!", "text/plain");

The most important part is to configure vibe logger or you will get 'Invalid file handle' error at application initialization:

int main()
    // Setting vibe logger 
    // daemon closes stdout/stderr and vibe logger will crash
    // if not suppress printing to console
    version(Windows) enum vibeLogName = "C:\\vibe.log";
    else enum vibeLogName = "vibe.log";

    // no stdout/stderr output
    version(Windows) {}
    else setLogLevel(VibeLogLevel.none);


    version(Windows) enum logFileName = "C:\\logfile.log";
    else enum logFileName = "logfile.log";

    auto logger = new shared DloggLogger(logFileName);
    return buildDaemon!;
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