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Source for, made with <3.

No tracking, bloat, or javascript.

For suggestions and fixes, create an issue or email



To build the website, simply run make. This will generate the website (including RSS feed) and put it in the docs folder.


If you wish to view a local copy of the website, you can use Python's builtin http.server module:

python3 -m http.server --directory docs 

You should then view the website in your web browser at the specified host and port.

Blog Posts

To create a new blog post, add a new markdown file in the content folder with the following file name format:


At the top of each post is the following meta-data:

title: Post Title
date: YYYY-MM-DD
author: Full Name

Below this are the contents of the blog post written in markdown or HTML.


New assets such as images go in the docs/assets/img folder. When possible, adhere to the YYYY-MM-DD-image-description.jpg format.