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Documentation on

Services we offer

How to connect to...


Navigate your web browser to and follow the on screen prompts for
making a new account


Use these credentials for your IRC connection:
port: 6667
SSL: no
password: N/A

Once connected, you need to "/msg mattermost login <nickname> <password>"

Alternatively, ask @pbui on mattermost for the ability to use account tokens and do this:

/msg mattermost login <nickname> token=<token>


First, you need to obtain a login-token by following the irslackd configuration instructions. 

As for connecting, use these server credentials
port: 6687
SSL: yes
Password: xoxp token obtained

More detailed instructions for each client provided here:


To obtain a ZNC account, message @AndroidKitKat on Mattermost or Slack. He will then 
set you up with the proper account and provide help if needed. 

NOTE: this ZNC can be used with any existing IRC connection, so feel free to consolidate 
your IRC connections onto chat
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