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Alternative transport for browsers
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usage: ./pReplay server testfile [http|https|http2] [max-connections][cookie-size]

(currently cookie works with http1 only) Input: Test file, Http traces (Json files) collected using Wprof tool. Traces contain dependency graph of a web page.

pReplay replays the dependency graph. It starts from the first activity which is loading the root html. Then according to the graph, it it encounters a network activity, it makes a request for the corresponding url, or if it encounters a computation activity, it waits for a specific amount of time (mentioned in the graph). Once a particular activity is finshed it checks whether it should trigger dependent activities based on whether all activities that a dependent activity depends on are finished. pReplay keeps walking through the dependency graph this way until all activities in the dependency graph have been visited.

pReplay has been tested with curl-7.47.1

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