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Guide to Making some programs of NEM transaction

The project is built on the NEM blockchain and coded by Java, it's based on the NEM APIs. hoping that the project will give you some help if you're coding some NEM applications related to the NEM transactions as well.

What the project used for?

The transaction is an important part of NEM network, you can initiate a transaction to transfer XEM or MOSAIC, and monitor the transactions of specific account by the programs.

The project is made up of five programs:

  • initiate a transfer transactoin (including mosaic)
  • initiate a multisig transaction (including mosaic)
  • cosign a multisig transaction
  • monitor incoming transactions of specific account
  • monitor multisig transactions of specific account


install nem-core.jar (from Repo)


next step

mvn install
mvn package

How to start the programs after building?

Five jars will be generated by Maven after building successfully at the '/target' directory, you should locate at the directory and take the following command to start the program:

java -jar initTransaction.jar -privateKey xxx -recipient xxx -amount 15 -message "I am tester002" -host -port 7890 -mosaicName tester:xem -mosaicQuantity 10 -ignoreFee

the following message will be outputted when sending transaction successfully :


For the detail of input and output parameters, there are some txt files at the '/docs' directory.

Join the Telegram channels

Please join Telegram NEM Red if you want to know more about NEM blockchain.

Please join Telegram NEM Helpdesk if you need some help when using the NEM apps.