A Quick way to convert XEM to FIAT and Vice Versa.
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NEM FIAT / XEM Converter

Java API for converting any FIAT Currency to XEM!

Simplest and Straight forward API for converting any currency to XEM!

How to build

git clone https://github.com/NEMPH/nem-fiatxem-converter.git
cd nem-fiatxem-converter
mvn clean install

Import it as a maven dependency


To Xem

FiatsXem converter = PriceConverter

BigDecimal xemFromCad = converter.getXemPriceFor("PHP"); // returns xem equivalent of PHP 2.00
BigDecimal xemFromUsd = converter.getXemPriceFor("USD"); // returns xem equivalent of USD 2.00

To Fiat

XemFiat converter = PriceConverter.fromXem(2.00)
BigDecimal phpXemPrice = converter.getPriceOf("PHP"); // returns the PHP price of XEM 2.00
BigDecimal usdXemPrice = converter.getPriceOf("USD"); // returns the USD price of XEM 2.00

Search Coin

Get all coins

Coins CoinSearch.getAllCoins()

Search a specific coin

Coin searchCoin(String symbol);


Need help integration your Java Application with NEM.io Platform? I can definitely help you with that, send me a message via


Tips are appreciated but not required. :bowtie: 💪 🤘
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