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NERSC Data Seminars Series - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

The NERSC Data Seminar Series are held at Berkeley Lab. The series hosts speakers to:

  • Learn about latest science and methods results from researchers
  • Learn from software vendors on their product offerings
  • Facilitate communications between NERSC and other lab CS staff


Talks are held at 11am-12pm on Tuesdays and are posted on the CS Seminars Calendar. If you are affiliated with Berkeley Lab you can sign up to receive announcements about the Machine Learning seminars at the ML4Sci mailing-list.

Remote attendance:


Contacting the speakers:

Feel free to contact the host with questions or requests for time with the speaker.


Video recordings are available in the "Data Seminars Series" playlist on YouTube.

Past years:

2021 Seminars

Date Title Speaker Host Material
1/12 Deep Learning Approaches for Modeling Multi-Scale Chaos and Geophysical Turbulence (abstract) Ashesh Chattopadhyay (Rice University/LBL) Mustafa Mustafa video
1/19 Self-Supervised Representation Learning for Astronomical Images (abstract) Md. Abul Hayat (UARK/LBL),
George Stein (UCB/LBL)
Mustafa Mustafa pdf, key, video
2/2 Machine learning as a tool for Standard Model measurements (abstract) Vinicius Mikuni (Univ. of Zurich) Mustafa Mustafa
2/23 The CS Area Superfacility Project: Year in Review 2020 The Superfacility Team Debbie Bard video, pdf
3/9 Darshan: Enabling Application I/O Understanding in an Evolving HPC Landscape (abstract) Shane Snyder (Argonne National Laboratory) Alberto Chiusole video
4/16 The Open Catalyst 2020 (OC20) Dataset & Community Challenges (abstract) Zachary Ulissi (Carnegie Mellon University),
Larry Zitnick (Facebook AI Research)
Brandon Wood video
7/13 Monitoring Scientific Python Usage at NERSC (abstract) Rollin Thomas (NERSC/LBL) Wahid Bhimji video
X/X TBD Chris Mungall (LBL) Shane Canon


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