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NERSC Data Seminars Series - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

The NERSC Data Seminar Series are held at Berkeley Lab. The series hosts speakers to:

  • Learn about latest science and methods results from researchers
  • Learn from software vendors on their product offerings
  • Facilitate communications between NERSC and other lab CS staff


Talks are held at 11am-12pm on Tuesdays and are posted on the CS Seminars Calendar. If you are affiliated with Berkeley Lab you can sign up to receive announcements about the Machine Learning seminars at the ML4Sci mailing-list.

Remote attendance:

The Zoom link will be visible in the calendar invite.

Contacting the speakers:

Feel free to contact the host with questions or requests for time with the speaker.


Video recordings are available in the "Data Seminars Series" playlist on YouTube.

Past years:

2022 Seminars

Date Title Speaker Host Material
1/13 The Next Generation of High Performance Computing: HPC-2.0 (abstract) Gregory Kurtzer (Ctrl IQ, Rocky Linux) Jonathan Skone video, slides
2/1 KubeFlux: a scheduler plugin bridging the cloud-HPC gap in Kubernetes (abstract) Claudia Misale (IBM), Daniel J. Milroy (LLNL) Shane Canon video, slides
3/15 Chameleon: An Innovation Platform for Computer Science Research and Education (abstract) Kate Keahey (ANL, UChicago CASE) Shane Canon, Jonathan Skone video, slides
3/22 Composable Platforms for Scientific Computing: Experiences and Outcomes (abstract) Brian Werts, Sam Weekly and Erik Gough (Purdue University) Jonathan Skone video, slides
4/19 Discovering and Modeling Strong Gravitational Lenses with Cori and Perlmutter at NERSC (abstract) Xiaosheng Huang (USF), Andi Gu (UCB) Steve Farrell video
4/26 FirecREST, RESTful HPC (abstract) Juan Pablo Dorsch (CSCS) Jonathan Skone video, slides
5/17 Memory Disaggregation: Potentials and Pitfalls (abstract) Nan Ding (LBL) Hai Ah Nam video
5/19 Quantum Computing for NERSC Staff (abstract) Katie Klymko, Daan Camps & Jan Balewski (NERSC/LBL) Katie Klymko, Daan Camps, Jan Balewski video
6/7 Building a Platform for Operating Multi-Institutional Distributed Services (abstract) Lincoln Bryant (Enrico Fermi Institute - University of Chicago) Jonathan Skone video, slides
6/14 Artificial Design of Porous Materials (abstract) Jihan Kim (KAIST) Brian Austin video
6/23 Demo and hands-on session on ReFrame (abstract) Lisa Gerhardt, Alberto Chiusole Lisa Gerhardt, Alberto Chiusole video, slides
6/28 FourCastNet: Data-driven, high-resolution atmosphere modeling at scale (abstract) Shashank Subramanian (NERSC/LBL) Peter Harrington video, slides
8/9 Transparent Checkpointing: a mature technology enabling MANA for MPI and beyond (abstract) Gene Cooperman, Khoury College of Computer Sciences, Northeastern University Zhengji Zhao video, slides
9/13 Pegasus Workflow Management System (abstract) Karan Vahi, Information Sciences Institute, University of Southern California Hai Ah Nam video, slides
X/X TBD Chris Mungall (LBL) Shane Canon


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