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NERSC Data Seminars Series - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

The NERSC Data Seminar Series are held at Berkeley Lab. The series hosts speakers to:

  • Learn about latest science and methods results from researchers
  • Learn from software vendors on their product offerings
  • Facilitate communications between NERSC and other lab CS staff


Talks are held at 12-1pm on Fridays and are posted on the CS Seminars Calendar.
If you are affiliated with Berkeley Lab you can sign up to receive announcements about the Machine Learning seminars at the ML4Sci mailing-list.

Remote attendance:

Contacting the speakers:

Feel free to contact the host with questions or requests for time with the speaker.

2019 Seminars

Date Title Speaker Host Slides
1/25 Hierarchical Deep Learning for Long-term Sequence Generation (abstract) Stephan Zheng (Salesforce Research) Steven Farrell keynote, pdf
2/1 Mesh-TensorFlow: Deep Learning for Supercomputers (abstract) Noam Shazeer (Google Brain) Mustafa Mustafa
2/8 An Empirical Model of Large-Batch Training (abstract) Sam McCandlish (OpenAI) Mustafa Mustafa
2/15 Nonlinear model reduction: Using machine learning to enable extreme-scale simulation for many-query problems (abstract) Kevin Carlberg (Sandia Natl. Labs) Karthik Kashinath
2/22 Learning quantum states with generative models (abstract) Juan Carrasquilla (Vector Institute) Karthik Kashinath
3/1 Jupyter at NERSC (abstract) Rollin Thomas (NERSC, LBL) Prabhat
3/8 Introduction to Deep Learning (abstract) Mustafa Mustafa (NERSC, LBL) Prabhat pdf
3/15 SENSE: SDN for End-to-end Networked Science at the Exascale (abstract) Chin Guok(ESNet, LBL) David Skinner
3/22 Spatio-temporal modeling using ML (abstract) Rose Yu (NorthEastern Univ.) Karthik Kashinath, Adrian Albert
3/29 GANs for Soil Mechanics (abstract) Utkarsh Mital (Caltech) Adrian Albert
4/12 Sizing Neural Network Experiments (abstract) Gerald Friedland (UCB & LLNL) Aydin Buluc
4/19 Picture Perfect Peter Denes (LBL) David Skinner
5/3 TBD Animashree Anandkumar (Caltech, NVIDIA) Karthik Kashinath
5/10 IceCube ML Tracking Talk Mirco Hunnefeld Lisa Gerhardt
5/17 TBD
5/24 Maglev John van Rosendale Prabhat
5/31 Space: the final frontier Jim Newman Prabhat
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