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Build Status

scala-i18n is a very thin Scala wrapper around Java's java.util.ResourceBundle to make it a bit nicer to use from Scala code.


resolvers += "bintray" at ""

libraryDependencies += "com.netaporter" %% "scala-i18n" % "0.1"

Getting Started

Provided you have you resource bundle files like so:


You can create a ResourceBundle reference like so:

val messages = ResourceBundle("messages/messages")

Then you can call methods like so:

Returns the value for the message key my.greeting.message from the

val message = messages.get("my.greeting.message", Locale.CANADA_FRENCH)

If the message key does not exist in the file, it will fallback and try the If the message still doesn't exist, it will fallback and try the root file.

If the message key does not exist in any files, then get will throw a MissingResourceException. Alternatively you can use the find method that will either return a Some(message) when a message with the specified key exists or a None when NO message with the specified key exists.

messages.find("my.greeting.message", Locale.ENGLISH) == Some("Hello!")
messages.find("my.non.existent.message", Locale.ENGLISH) == None


getOrElse lets you specify a default in the instance that no message exists for the specified key:

messages.getOrElse("my.greeting.message", Locale.ENGLISH, "Default!") == "Hello!"
messages.getOrElse("my.non.existent.message", Locale.ENGLISH, "Default!") == "Default!"


You can specify parameters in a resource bundle file like so:

my.greeting.message=Hello {0}, you look {1}

The you may use getWithParams or findWithParams like so:

val message = messages.getWithParams("my.greeting.message", Locale.ENGLISH, "Joe Bloggs", "awful")
message == "Hello Joe Bloggs, you look awful"


scala-i18n is open source software released under the Apache 2 License.