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This training is designed as a two day hands-on training introducing Foreman.

In the training you will get basic knowledge of the architecture of Foreman. You will install and configure Foreman to provide several ways of provisioning. The configuration management solution used is Puppet to show configuration management integration into Foreman. Furthermore user and permission management of Foreman is shown. And last but not least Foreman's extensibility is shown by introducing some plugins from basic ones to Katello.

Targeted audience are experienced Linux administrators in need of a provisioning and management solution for their systems. Knowledgement of Puppet is of advantage but not required.

Online Material

In addition to the sources you can find the rendered material on

Provide your own training

Feel free to use this material as it is to provide your own training.

To run the presentation you will need showoff 0.20.4. After installing it simply run showoff serve to get presenter mode with additional notes and display window to present to your students.

For creating the rendered documents on your own run showoff static print (handouts), showoff static supplemental exercises (exercises) or showoff static supplemental solutions (solutions) followed by wkhtmltopdf -s A5 --print-media-type --footer-left [page] --footer-right 'Foreman Training' static/index.html handouts.pdf

As alternative you can run the ./global/ script which requires docker. It will give you some options how to serve your presentation and provides a print mode to generate the rendered documents.

If you want to change the design to represent your corporate identity have a look at 'foreman.css', to change the included content adjust 'showoff.json' for example to add your own introduction as pre slides.

There will be optional content included in the training repository which does not fit in our two day training, for example adding content about Docker integration is planed. This material can be included in your training material by changing 'showoff.json', too. In the same way remove content you do not want to show or change order if you feel it fits your need better.

For some notes on setting up the training enviroment have a look at ''.

If you provide a training we would be happy to add it to the forthcoming trainings to give you some promotion on this site, simply contribute your date to the slides. In exchange we would like you to credit us for providing the material. In addition you can make sure to add it to the events listed by the Foreman project.


Patches to fix mistakes or add optional content are always appreciated. If you want to see changes on the default content of the training we are open for suggestions but keep in mind that the training is intended for a two day hands-on training.

The rendered content will be updated at least if we do a newer version of the material which will also be tagged on git.

Material is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International.

Copyright (c) 2016 NETWAYS GmbH