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netiCRM Build Status

  1. Why netiCRM

CiviCRM is a constituent relationship management system for non-profit organization. Read more at README.txt or for more infomation.

netiCRM derivative from CiviCRM since CiviCRM 3.3, we create another branch because the non-profit user in Taiwan need better support of multi-language environment, such as Chinese and Asia character support, translations, and stability of CiviCRM.

  1. Who build this

netiCRM builded by NETivism from Taiwan. NETivism also support CiviCRM community in Taiwan on .

  1. License

License is under AGPL-3.0. See agpl-3.0.txt.

  1. Bug report

Please file an issue on github.

  1. Installation

1. First, install Drupal 7. (Please refer install guide of Drupal 7)

2. Clone repository to modules folder of Drupal. (You can use following command under all/modules folder.)

git clone civicrm

3. Checkout the branch to 2.0-dev. (You can use following command under civicrm folder.)

git checkout 2.0-dev

4. Enable submodules and update them. (You can use following command under civicrm folder.)

git submodule init
git submodule update

5. Checkout submodules to the branch for Drupal 7. (You can use following command under civicrm folder.)

cd neticrm/
git checkout 7.x-develop
cd drupal/
git checkout 7.x-develop

6. Go to the modules configuration page. You should see NetiCRM is available. Enable it and Press "Submit" button.

7. Complete!!

  1. User Guide


  1. Developer Resources

For netiCRM, you can read document:

  1. Translation

We will merge string into CiviCRM regularly. For now if you would like to join translation project, you may see this public translation page:

  1. When to use CiviCRM/ not netiCRM

  • Function of CiviCRM is more completed on the functions. Move forward more quickly, more developers.
  • Function of netiCRM is less function, but bug are also less especially on Event, Contribution, Membership compoment.
  • For world-wild usage, you should consider use CiviCRM not netiCRM.
  • More info of CiviCRM you can watch github organization CiviCRM .
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