An application dedicated to managing TAPAS's interests inside eXist-db.
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An EXPath application to manage TAPAS's interests inside eXist-db, including generation of the HTML/MODS from TEI.


It's assumed you have eXist-db up and running somewhere. If not, see the eXist Quick Start guide and follow the instructions there.

You'll want to be logged in on the machine where you've installed eXist. Plattr users should SSH into their Vagrant box.

Get a copy

Clone down this repository using your git client of choice, then run Apache Ant from within your local repo. By default, Ant will build a zipped archive from files within the repository, and store the new package in the (git-ignored) build directory.

In the terminal:

  1. git clone --recursive

  2. cd tapas-xq

  3. ant

Deploy the app

With eXist's Package Manager

In your browser, navigate to eXist's Dashboard interface. The default URL is http://localhost:8080/exist, but those using Plattr should try http://localhost:8848/exist instead.

Log in as the admin user. (Plattr users: the default password is "dsgT@pas".) Click on the icon labeled "Package Manager" and then again on the cylinder in the top-left corner.

Either drag-and-drop the .xar file into the new window, or click on the button to choose the file from a menu.

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