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This software is licensed under the Apache License (see LICENSE.txt).

This file is intended to help get someone unfamilliar with the project up to speed. I've tried my best to make the code clear and easy to follow but that's not always possible.


├── Assets.xcassets
├── Cells
│   ├── AppTableViewCell.swift
│   ├── ReplayTableViewCell.swift
│   └── ResultTableViewCell.swift
├── Extensions
│   └── String+removingWhitespaces.swift
├── Networking
│   ├── ReplayRunner.swift
│   ├── Replayer.swift
│   ├── ResultWatcher.swift
│   └── Sidechannel.swift
├── Replay_files
|   ...
├── Stores
│   ├── App.swift
│   ├── Packet.swift
│   ├── PortMapping.swift
│   ├── Replay.swift
│   ├── Result.swift
│   └── Settings.swift
├── Utility
│   └── Helper.swift
├── ViewControllers
│   ├── AppTableViewController.swift
│   ├── ConsentViewController.swift
│   ├── MainViewController.swift
│   ├── ReplayViewController.swift
│   ├── ResultTableViewController.swift
│   ├── SettingsViewController.swift
│   └── WebViewController.swift


Contains assets such as the app icon and replay icons


Contains cell controllers for their respective table controllers.

File Screen
AppTableViewCell.swift Replay selection
ReplayTableViewCell.swift Replaying running
ResultTableViewCell.swift Previous results

The cells controllers contain minimal code and are only responsible for rendering themsevles


Contains an extension for the stringt class that trims the string by removing whitespaces. This is used for stripping spacing characters from decoded json and in some other places


These classes contain the code responsible for running replays and getting their results

Sidechannel.swift handles connecting to the replay server sidechannel, sending and receiving messages. The code should be fairly straightforward. The class throws SideChannelError exceptions and the caller is expected to handle them.

ReplayRunner.swift handles running the selected replay. By replay here I mean running both the original and random replays. Only one replayrunner is ever created and each app gets a new one when a replay is started. First the replay runner will load the relevant json replay file, then it will hit the WHATSMYIPMAN endpoint and then start the replay by creating a new Replayer. The Replayer will return to ReplayRunner either via the replayFailed method if an error occured or replayDone if everything went fine. The ReplayRunner then either starts the next (random) replay or creates a ResultWatcher to handle getting the analysis results.

Replayer.swift handles running a single replay (open or random). It manages the connection with the sidechannel and the replay server (tcp or udp)

ResultWatcher.swift handles requesting analysis for a replay that just finished running and then querying the server for analysis results. Once the results are returned, the watcher passes them back to the replayViewController via the receivedResult method so they can be saved and rendered


The folder containing all the relevant replay recordings in json format


These classes store and group relevant data as well as offer some functionality relevant to what they represent.

App.swift represnets apps that are created based on the contents of app_list.json.

Packet.swift represents a single packet in a replay file

PortMapping.swift is a convenience class that stores ip and port values for a replay.

Replay.swift replays a parsed json replay file

Result.swfit models a single result returned by the analysis server

Settings.swift is probably the most complex. It handles loading and saving the settings. There should ever only be one instance of this class and a reference to it should be passes along to any classes that need access to the settings. Any changes made to the attributes of the class are automatically saved to memory. The class also contains all the default settings that are used on the first run of the app.

Utility - Helper

This is a static class that contains some convenience methods used throughout the app. Helps with reading json files, getting mobile stats, checking if the current connection is on WiFi. Comment on RunOnUIThread: this app performs a lot of networking tasks so it needs to run a lot of code on background threads to not block the UI thread. This method serves as a way to either run some UI updates from a background app or come back to the main thread once the background tasks are done running.


These handle rendering the UI, navigation and some simple tasks.

ConsentViewController.swift handles showing the consent form that a user will see when they are launching the app for the first time or if they click the option to see the form from the main menu.

MainViewController.swift is the main screen of the app where the user can decide what to do.

WebViewController.swift handles displaying the online dashboard in the app when the "View Online Dashboard" option is selected.

SettingsViewController.swift handles displaying settings to the user.

ResultTableViewController.swift handles displaying previous results to the user

AppTableViewController.swift allows the user to select the apps they want to run replays for

ReplayViewController.swift handles the process of running all the selected replays. This class could probably use the most refactoring, it slowly grew larger and larger. The rendering logic is messy, but most of it is done through the tableView(_ tableView: UITableView, cellForRowAt indexPath: IndexPath) -> UITableViewCell method.


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