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N-Gage is a handheld console released by Nokia in 2003. Its original development codename was "Starship".

NG = N-Gage
NGQD = N-Gage QD

Repository of most files linked in this page: https://mega.nz/#F!m5FlQaLJ!_ibARdckbG1WN7Wp082OXg




A N-Gage SDK existed and even had multiple version but it was not obtainable without a contract with Nokia but the reference and the install guide of the N-Gage SDK are available (see "Documentation"). The N-Gage being a part of the s60 phone series, there is a chance we could use/gain some information from the s60 SDK.

More Detailed page: Symbian SDKS


Developer Platform Tools and Resources

A set of CDs containing tools and SDKs for developer. It's the 6th update to this set of CDS. Interestingly it contains a set of books about the N-Gage Arena which is one the n-gage specific feature.

Tools source code

The source code of some useful application. Can be used to learn how some of them do some complex trick.

SDK Tools source code



The version 4.03 is the most available version to download. Versions 4.10 and 4.11 also seems to exist but have problems (source)

Here is a link of available downloads found from the net but nothing has been tested:

flashing tool:


While not the exact version that the NG ran and without every NG specific modules, we can still download the source from Symbian OS as it was in 2010-2011 (7 years after the NG).

PDK = Platform Development Kit
PDT = Product Development Kit


File Format Specs

Note: MBM files present in NG roms can be extracted using the mbmconv.exe found in the s60 SDK


How to use: Unzip the default ids from %ida%/ids/epoch6.zip, unzip the downloaded archive, copy the content of the downloaded archive in epoch6/arm and if it ask you, overwritte already existing files. Re-zip the epoch6 folder and start/restart ida pro.

Note: These IDs are more close to what N-Gage had compared to the default (and ARTeam) IDs. N-Gage SDK is still needed for fully complete and accurate generation of the ID files.



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