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This project contains a set of Node-RED nodes OpenSourced by VISEO to build Conversational Assistants.

  • It is a layer on top of Microsoft Bot Framework that allows the connection to multiple channels.
  • New channels like WeChat, Google Home, Amazon Echo are also in the roadmap.


This project is also the v5 and full re-engineering of a SmartHome Assistant named SARAH (built in 2012).

  • A roadmap is available on GitHub Project
  • A documentation is available on (GitHub Wiki: Getting Started)[]

VISEO is not a Software Editor but a Consulting Company (1300 people). Since 2016, everybody wants to build it's own bot. We believe that the key is to focus on User Experience because technologies are not mature. That's why

  • we choose Node-RED platform to let developers switch between pieces of NLP, Computer Vision, etc ...
  • we open-sourced our work to share the state of the art between our customers

If you are a company looking for experts to build a project of textual and/or vocal conversational assistant, feel free to contact us: contact [at] viseo [dot] io

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