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Merge branch 'fix_l2ho_bbnd' into 'master'
fix for having L2HOFESpace with BBND elements in the mesh

See merge request !255
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JSchoeberl committed Oct 23, 2017
2 parents 6798b62 + bcb0aaa commit 2fd20a0374ed169e36c6284d572d8e3b7ce71881
Showing with 3 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +3 −5 comp/l2hofespace.cpp
@@ -290,7 +290,6 @@ namespace ngcomp

FiniteElement & L2HighOrderFESpace :: GetFE (ElementId ei, Allocator & alloc) const
if (ei.VB()==BBND) throw Exception ("BBND not available in L2HighOrderFESpace");
if (ei.IsVolume())
int elnr = ei.Nr();
@@ -346,13 +345,12 @@ namespace ngcomp
int elnr = ei.Nr();
switch (ma->GetElType(ei))
case ET_POINT: return *new (alloc) DummyFE<ET_POINT>;
case ET_SEGM: return *new (alloc) DummyFE<ET_SEGM>; break;
case ET_TRIG: return *new (alloc) DummyFE<ET_TRIG>; break;
case ET_QUAD: return *new (alloc) DummyFE<ET_QUAD>; break;
case ET_SEGM: return *new (alloc) DummyFE<ET_SEGM>;
case ET_TRIG: return *new (alloc) DummyFE<ET_TRIG>;
case ET_QUAD: return *new (alloc) DummyFE<ET_QUAD>;

stringstream str;

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