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Merge branch 'meshnodes_vef' into 'master'

vertices, edges and faces of mesh nodes

See merge request jschoeberl/ngsolve!335
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JSchoeberl committed Mar 26, 2018
2 parents 8a332a0 + 2508847 commit cd91bcf98435d6dc354881797230ded675904883
Showing with 44 additions and 28 deletions.
  1. +44 −28 comp/python_comp.cpp
@@ -665,37 +665,42 @@ ANY_DOF: Any used dof (LOCAL_DOF or INTERFACE_DOF or WIREBASKET_DOF)
py::class_<MeshNode, NodeId> (m, "MeshNode", "a node within a mesh")
.def_property_readonly("vertices", [](MeshNode & node) -> py::tuple
const MeshAccess & mesh = node.Mesh();
if (node.GetType() == NT_EDGE)
auto& mesh = node.Mesh();
switch (node.GetType())
auto verts = node.Mesh().GetEdgePNums(node.GetNr());
py::tuple tup(2);
for (size_t i = 0; i < 2; i++)
tup[i] = py::cast(NodeId(NT_VERTEX, verts[i]));
return tup;

auto Nr2MeshVert = [&mesh] (size_t nr)
{ return MeshNode(NodeId(NT_VERTEX,nr), mesh); };
auto verts = node.Mesh().GetEdgePNums(node.GetNr());
return MakePyTuple (Substitute(ArrayObject(verts), Nr2MeshVert));
case NT_EDGE:
return MakePyTuple(Substitute(ArrayObject(mesh.GetEdgePNums(node.GetNr())), Nr2Vert));
case NT_FACE:
return MakePyTuple(Substitute(mesh.GetFacePNums(node.GetNr()), Nr2Vert));
case NT_CELL:
return MakePyTuple(Substitute(mesh.GetElPNums(ElementId(VOL, node.GetNr())),
throw py::type_error("vertices only available for edge, face and cell nodes\n");
if (node.GetType() == NT_FACE)
}, "tuple of global vertex numbers")
.def_property_readonly("edges",[](MeshNode & node) -> py::tuple
auto& mesh = node.Mesh();
auto verts = node.Mesh().GetFacePNums(node.GetNr());
py::tuple tup(verts.Size());
for (size_t i = 0; i < verts.Size(); i++)
tup[i] = py::cast(NodeId(NT_VERTEX, verts[i]));
return tup;
auto verts = node.Mesh().GetFacePNums(node.GetNr());
return MakePyTuple (Substitute(verts, Nr2Vert));
case NT_FACE:
return MakePyTuple(Substitute(mesh.GetFaceEdges(node.GetNr()), Nr2Edge));
case NT_CELL:
return MakePyTuple(Substitute(mesh.GetElEdges(ElementId(VOL,node.GetNr())),
throw py::type_error("edges only available for face and cell nodes\n");
throw py::type_error("vertices only available for edge and face nodes\n");
"tuple of global vertex numbers")
}, "tuple of global edge numbers")
.def_property_readonly("faces", [](MeshNode & node) -> py::tuple
auto & mesh = node.Mesh();
if (node.GetType() == NT_CELL)
return MakePyTuple(Substitute(mesh.GetElFacets(ElementId(VOL, node.GetNr())),
throw py::type_error("faces only available for cell nodes\n");
}, "tuple of global face numbers")


@@ -929,7 +934,8 @@ mesh (netgen.Mesh): a mesh generated from Netgen
.def_property_readonly ("nv", &MeshAccess::GetNV, "Number of vertices")
.def_property_readonly ("ne", static_cast<size_t(MeshAccess::*)()const> (&MeshAccess::GetNE), "Number of volume elements")
.def_property_readonly ("nedge", &MeshAccess::GetNEdges, "Number of edges")
.def_property_readonly ("nface", &MeshAccess::GetNFaces, "Number of faces")
.def_property_readonly ("nface", &MeshAccess::GetNFaces, "Number of faces")
.def ("nnodes", &MeshAccess::GetNNodes, "Number of nodes given type")
.def_property_readonly ("dim", &MeshAccess::GetDimension, "Mesh dimension")
.def_property_readonly ("ngmesh", &MeshAccess::GetNetgenMesh, "Get the Netgen mesh")

@@ -955,6 +961,11 @@ mesh (netgen.Mesh): a mesh generated from Netgen
return T_Range<MeshNode> (MeshNode(NodeId(NT_FACE, 0), *mesh),
MeshNode(NodeId(NT_FACE, mesh->GetNNodes(NT_FACE)), *mesh));
}, "iterable of mesh faces")

.def("nodes", [] (shared_ptr<MeshAccess> mesh, NODE_TYPE type)
return T_Range<MeshNode> (MeshNode(NodeId(type, 0), *mesh),
MeshNode(NodeId(type, mesh->GetNNodes(type)),*mesh)); }, py::arg("node_type"), "iterable of mesh nodes of type type")

.def ("GetTrafo",
@@ -1180,6 +1191,11 @@ mesh (netgen.Mesh): a mesh generated from Netgen
py::arg("VOL_or_BND") = VOL,
docu_string("Get a MappedIntegrationPoint in the point (x,y,z) on the matching volume (VorB=VOL, default) or surface (VorB=BND) element. BBND elements aren't supported"))

.def("__call__", [](MeshAccess& ma, NodeId id)
return MeshNode(id,ma);
}, "Get MeshNode from NodeId")

[](MeshAccess & ma, double x, double y, double z)

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