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Submit Demo

  • The type of file you submit is *.zip. the name is like
  • The is gotten by compressed a folder called submit.The path is like following:
│   │   your_model.pb
│   │   your_other_file

  • PATH if you want to call your model ,the path setting is
NN_MODEL = "/root/mmgc/team/"$YOUR TEAM NAME"/submit/results/nn_model_ep_18200.ckpt" # model path settings
  • Algorithm
    • Init: you can init some self.params
 def __init__(self):
     # fill your init vars
         self.buffer_size = 0
    • Initial your params:
# Intial 
     def Initial(self):
             IntialVars = []
             return IntialVars

    • Run: your algorithm logic
def run(self, time, S_time_interval, S_send_data_size, S_chunk_len, S_rebuf, S_buffer_size, S_play_time_len,S_end_delay, S_decision_flag, S_buffer_flag,S_cdn_flag,S_skip_time, end_of_video, cdn_newest_id,download_id,cdn_has_frame, IntialVars):
         bit_rate = 1
         target_buffer = 1
         latency_limit = 7
         return bit_rate, target_buffer, latency_limit

Import package

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