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A single event for mouse on, mouse around & mouse out
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A single event for mouse on, mouse around & mouse out. Can be used on whole elements, or for distinct points within any element. The latter feature was added specifically for canvas nodes.

var hover = require('mouse-around')

hover(el, [points], callback)

callback will be fired when mouse hovers the element. if an array of point-circles is included, the callback will only fire when hovering that areat that offset within the element. See below for example points array.


npm install mouse-around


  var mouseAround = require('mouse-around');

  // the node u want to trigger on
    var node = document.getElementById('someElement');

  // optionally, an array of point-circle objects
  var points = [(x: 100, y: 100, radius: 25}/*,{...}*/]

  var hoverBot = document.getElementById('hoverbot');

    mouseAround(node, callback, points); // otionally include an array of point-circle objects 

    // evt = the mouse event
    // node = the original node you were listening to
    // position = the absolute position of the element currently being hovered (which may be a child element)
    // start & stop = boolean

    function callback(evt, node, position, start, end){ = 50 + evt.clientX + "px"; = evt.clientY - 25 + 'px';
        if(end) = '-1000px'; 


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