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Buildroot for Boot And Nuke


If this is useful to you, donations are appreciated (but entirely optional).

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Step 0: Documentation

This is the build framework for DBAN:

Read and understand the overview before trying to customize DBAN.
The DBAN source code is given as a buildroot BOARD project.

Start reading here:


Step 1: Clone source

Get a local copy of the DBAN source:

$ git clone --recursive

Step 2: Check Host Compatibility

Compile the default buildroot project:

$ cd buildroot
$ make clean
$ make defconfig
$ make

This should create the file:


This command will confirm a successful build:

$ tar xOf output/images/rootfs.tar ./etc/os-release
PRETTY_NAME="Buildroot 2015.02"

If a host computer cannot compile the default buildroot project, then it cannot compile the DBAN buildroot project.

Step 3: Build DBAN

Check available architectures: $ ls buildroot/configs/dban_*

Build DBAN:
$ make ARCH=XXX

This will compile DBAN and create an ISO in the current directory, as well as a copy of the kernel in buildroot/output/images

Some components are unpackaged and must be built locally. Use the stub to compile local components.

Step 4: Build ISO

From top directory:

$ ./

Common Problems

  • The buildroot creates a local targeted toolchain (eg: i586-linux-uclibc-gcc). If you are using the host compiler (/usr/bin/gcc) to produce target binaries, then you are using the buildroot incorrectly.

  • The buildroot puts absolute paths in various configuration files. Always start from a clean buildroot, and don't move the buildroot after object files are created.

  • Some buildroot configuration options are incompatible. A project may compile cleanly but produce a broken target environment.

  • Programs that are linked against glibc are runtime incompatible with uclibc, even though ldd on the host and/or target may say otherwise.

  • Microsoft Windows is an incompatible host platform. This buildroot cannot be compiled by Visual Studio.