TTTish: The Time Tracker interactive shell
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TTTish: The Time Tracker interactive shell

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An interactive console client for TTT: The Time Tracker written in Scala.


  1. Install SBT, a build tool for Scala
  2. Run sbt from the root folder of the project (the folder where this file is)
  3. Type compile to fetch dependencies and compile, run to run.
  4. Type assembly to create portable jar including all dependencies in folder target
    • ⚠️ This jar may have really big size of some dozens of megabytes.

Configure SBT-IDEA integration

If SBT cmdline is not enough for you, do the following to start using IDEA with this project:

  1. Make sure that SBT is installed anyway

  2. Open IDEA and install SBT plugin and Scala plugin from repositories:

    1. Go to File > Settings > Plugins, click Browse repositories...
    2. Type SBT in the search field and double-click on the first result
    3. Do the same with Scala keyword
    4. Click Yes, Close, OK to apply changes and agree to restart IDEA
    5. After restart go to File > Settings > SBT and fill in the path to sbt-launch.jar (should be in the installation dir of SBT, e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\sbt\sbt-launch.jar for 64-bit Windows)
  3. Run sbt gen-idea from the root folder of the project (the folder where this file is)

  4. Open the generated project in IDEA. Configure Run configuration to be able to run TTTish from it:

    1. Go to Run > Edit configurations
    2. Click green plus (Add new configuration), choose Application
    3. Fill in Main Class with ru.moonlighters.tttish.Main (or choose it from ... button)
    4. Select tttish in Use classpath or module
    5. Remove Make from Before launch list, instead add SBT action by clicking green plus (Add), choosing SBT and selecting compile in the dropdown list.

If your IDE is not IDEA... Well, have fun ;) Try googling for "%yourIDE% sbt integration" or ask friends...


Place your .tttrc file (e.g. downloaded from Account page) in your home dir or working dir of this app.

Run, then enter commands one by one. Enter help for the list of available commands.

You can use login command to login if you do not provide .tttrc or it doesn't contain your api key.