Retardo de respuesta al pedir informacion de bib a jool en userspace k 3.11.10 #103

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ryuzak commented Jul 3, 2014

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dhfelix commented Jul 4, 2014

la "aplicacion de usuario jool" tratara de traducir las IPs a nombres de dominio cuando se pide informacion sobre BIBs o SESSIONs, al parecer no recibe respuesta inmediata del DNS y es por eso que se tarda (me imagino que no tienes un DNS, por ejemplo: al estar en una red local sin salida a internet), para recibir directamente las IP sin que trate de traducirlas puedes usar [--numeric] o su version corta [-n].

Esta caracteristica se agrego en respuesta al issue #86

ydahhrk commented Jul 4, 2014

How exactly did you install libnl?

ryuzak commented Jul 8, 2014

thanks for your answer dhfelix, it worked very well.
ydahhrk, i downloaded the code from and i installed with the common comands (./configure, make and make install).

ydahhrk commented Jul 14, 2014

Ok, found the cause of the error message.

Ubuntu comes already loaded with a version of libnl-3's shared object.

$ locate
/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ # This is a soft link to the next file.
/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ # Ubuntu's previous version.
/usr/local/lib/ # Link to the next file.
/usr/local/lib/ # This is the version I installed.

(Which is different from the development package, which is why we still need to install libnl-3.)

Because the arch-specific libraries seem to have precedence over the other ones, your userspace app is picking Ubuntu's, and it's complaining because it's an older version than the one it was linked to.

The easiest solution is to install libnl-3 the Ubuntu way.

$ cd <path to your libnl-3 source directory>
$ sudo make uninstall
$ sudo apt-get install libnl-3-dev

Please confirm and close if everything works properly now.

ryuzak commented Jul 14, 2014

Ok, it seems to work.
Now i tried to compile jool where you fixed this issue but the configure command shows me this error message:

./configure: line 4363: syntax error near unexpected token LIBNL3,' ./configure: line 4363:PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBNL3, libnl-3.0 >= 3.1)'

ydahhrk commented Jul 15, 2014


$ sudo apt-get install pkg-config

, then retry the ./configure.

ryuzak commented Jul 15, 2014

The package is already installed on ubuntu and sends me the error. In debian I installed it but sends me the same error.

ydahhrk commented Jul 15, 2014

"This is because pkg-config was either not installed or has been installed somewhere that aclocal does not know about. (ie, it was installed with a different prefix than automake.)"

How about

$ cd <path to your autoconf source directory>
$ sudo make uninstall
$ sudo apt-get install autoconf

Best avoid compiling anything if there's a distro package alternative.

ryuzak commented Jul 17, 2014

It worked. closing.

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