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WireFormat fails hard when writing long strings #34

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Due to the use of writeUTF, writing intermediate strings longer than 64k throw a UTFDataFormatException and fail hard. This is documented in the Java API:

@espringe espringe merged commit b58d1f9 into NICTA:master

Nice catch! Thanks very much for providing code to fix this too!

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Showing with 9 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +9 −2 src/main/scala/com/nicta/scoobi/WireFormat.scala
11 src/main/scala/com/nicta/scoobi/WireFormat.scala
@@ -559,9 +559,16 @@ object WireFormat {
implicit def StringFmt = new WireFormat[String] {
def toWire(x: String, out: DataOutput) {
require(x != null, "Error, trying to serialize a null String. Consider using an empty string or Option[String]")
- out.writeUTF(x)
+ val b = x.getBytes("utf-8")
+ out.writeInt(b.length)
+ out.write(b)
+ }
+ def fromWire(in: DataInput): String = {
+ val l = in.readInt()
+ val b = new Array[Byte](l)
+ in.readFully(b, 0, l)
+ new String(b, "utf-8")
- def fromWire(in: DataInput): String = in.readUTF()
def show(x: String) = x.toString
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