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NIEM version 4.0

@webb webb released this Jul 12, 2017
· 205 commits to master since this release
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NIEM 4.0

This is the NIEM 4.0 release.

This release reflects updates to the NIEM Naming and Design Rules, as well
as the new NIEM Code Lists Specification.

NDR 4.0

This release of NIEM reflects updates to the
NIEM Naming and Design Rules, including:

  • The structures schema incorporates a new attribute, uri, that supports
    cross-document and within-document references, in the style of Linked Data.
  • The vocabulary for local terminology, formerly in its own namespace, has been
    moved into the appinfo namespace.
  • Abstract elements now have names that end in "Abstract", other than
    augmentation points and representation elements

Code Lists Specification 4.0

This release reflects the new Code Lists Specification, including:

  • NIEM Core contains a new type, nc:CodeType, which supports code lists that
    are identified at run time, including GENC (see below).
  • The release contains codes for countries and subdivisions (e.g., states) that
    are provided as CSV spreadsheet files. See below for more info.


Domains with new or updated content

  • Agriculture (new domain in NIEM 4.0)
  • Biometrics
  • Emergency Management
  • Human Services
    • content adopted from the former CYFS domain
  • Justice
  • Military Operations
  • Surface Transportation

Note: All domains have been changed, to some degree. The list above shows
domains with additional changes beyond the regular updates to move to the 4.0
major release, apply harmonization changes, etc.

Support for the international community

  • Added address codes
  • Added nc:Crisis
  • Added nc:DocumentEUDataPrivacyIndicator to nc:DocumentType
  • Added message elements to support message references and FATCA information
  • Added nc:ServiceDeliveryNGO and nc:CoordinatingAgency organizations
  • Added nc:Payment
  • Added nc:PublicService
  • Promoted FinancialAccount from the Justice domain to Core and added additional content
  • Reviewed Core definitions to remove unnecessary US-specific terms

Harmonization and issue resolution

Core-related changes include:

  • Refactored measures
    • Created measure subtypes so that only the appropriate unit codes are available in each type
    • For example, length unit codes are now available on nc:LengthMeasureType, not nc:MeasureType itself
  • Updated the representations of GENC codes
    • Codes for countries and administrative subdivisions (e.g., states,
      provinces) are represented according to the new Code Lists Specification

    • Example usage:

    • The URI is resolved by
      niem/xml-catalog.xml to the CSV spreadsheet
      niem/codes/genc/geo-political/3-6/genc_geo-political_3-6_char3.csv. The
      code value USA appears in the spreadsheet's column headed char3.

    • See niem/codes/genc/ for GENC CSV code sets provided with this release

    • See the Code Lists Specification for examples, more details, and how to build and use new CSVs for updated GENC codes

  • Added nc:ArrivalType and nc:DepartureType
  • Added / promoted additional representations for nc:DateType:
    • Fiscal year
    • Quarter
    • Zulu date/time
    • Month
    • Day
    • Date ranges
  • Added nc:BinaryHash to nc:BinaryType
  • Added nc:CountryType and nc:StateType
    • Bundles multiple representations of country and state codes to allow for easier reuse
  • Added additional entity representations
    • nc:EntityItem
    • nc:GenericEntity
      • simple name, contact info, description fields
      • for use when an entity cannot be determined to be either a person or an organization
  • Added nc:LocationFloorNumberText
  • Added nc:OrganizationLEIIdentification
  • Added nc:RecommendationType
  • Added nc:TelephoneNumberDescriptionText
  • Harmonized capability content
  • Harmonized equipment content
  • Harmonized hazmat code and text elements
  • Harmonized medical condition content
  • Harmonized mission content
  • Harmonized permit content
  • Harmonized PersonStolenIdentityAssociation
  • Harmonized request content
  • Harmonized SubjectCautionInformation content
  • Harmonized task content
  • Moved AnomalyType from Maritime to Core
  • Moved CourtCase to Core
  • Moved MGRS (Military Grid Reference System) coordinates from Core to MilOps
  • Moved MissionID to nc:MissionType
  • Moved OrientationType from MilOps to Core
  • Removed the core_misc namespace
    • Moved the existing code sets into Core
  • Removed FIPS 5-2 state alpha codes
    • FIPS 5-2 reuses USPS state alpha code
  • Removed the FIPS 10-4 namespace (deprecated country codes)
  • Removed nc:ContactInformationAssociationType
    • Largely overlapped nc:ContactInformationType
  • Updated nc:AngularDegreeValue from an integer to a decimal data type
  • Updated nc:ElectronicAddressType
  • Updated nc:PersonNationality to correct the definition
  • Updated nc:RelativeLocationDistanceText to a measure
  • Updated nc:ReliabilityPercent as nc:ConfidencePercent
  • Updated nc:UTMCoordinateType to fix the representation so it follows the common pattern
  • Updated the representation of percent values
    • Percents should now be represented as a decimal value, with 100% represented as "100".
    • Values less than 0 and greater than 100 are now allowed.


  • Incorporated all 3.0-related Core Supplements
  • Moved supporting schemas into a new utility folder to simplify the release folder layout:
    • appinfo
    • code-lists-spec
    • conformanceTargets
    • structures