Digital Control Server is a server which aim to control camera remotely by using a socket communication.
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Digital Control Server

Digital Control Server is a server wich aim to control camera remotly by using a socket communication. Digital Control Server is free of interface and only a CL version controllable through UNIX socket is available. BananaCam has been written in C and it wrap gphoto2 with new functionnalities and socket control. An interface can easily control the Digital Control ServernaCam local/remote server by sending specific messages. This application is based on BananaCam developed by OliverNicolini and Adam @ Centre for Advanced Imaging. Please refer to following link:


The UNIX socket are located in /tmp/ under the name of:

camera_control.sock ==> communication socket

camera_control_data.sock ==> data socket (liveview)

Those path can be easily changed in the file ./headers/camera_control.h

Protocol Messages

The messages can have the following values:

  • OK 1

  • KO 2





  • EXEC 64

  • INFO 128

  • VALUE 256

The messages available are composed by:

  • Message value

  • Command

  • Info message

  • Parameter(s)

All the differents elements of a messages are separated by a pipe |.


64|capture|capture a photo|1|/tmp/|

  • 64 = EXEC

  • capture = command to execute

  • capture a photo = info message to log

  • 1 = number of shoots

  • /tmp/ = directory where the image will be saved.

The number of argument can be NULL.

Preimplemented Commands

The list of the preimplemented commands and theyr options are:

capture ==\> (int)numberOfShots(optional) |

Trigguer the capture and save the photos in a directory.

auto_focus ==\> NULL

Trigguer the autofocus if the camera is in AutoFocus mode

liveview ==\> NULL

Trigguer (activate/deactivate) the liveview mode sent through the data

liveviewfps ==\> (int)numberOfFPS

Set the number of FPS (Frame per Second) of the liveview.

get_liveviewfps ==\> NULL

Get the number of FPS of the liveview

defaultpath ==\> (string)path

Set the default path of the application where the images will be saved.

get_defaultpath ==\> NULL

Get the default path of the application where the images will be saved.

All the others possible messages may depends on the camera, a list of those messages with their optionals values are sent at the first connection.

All the messages if non preappended with get_ are used to set a value, with the exeption of the previous list.

In order to get the values the message command need to be prefixed wit get_


64|iso|setting iso|200 ==> setting iso

64|get_iso|getting iso|NULL ==> getting iso


This software can be compiled under Linux or Mac OSX

make ==> create the executable

make **fclean **==> clean the directory and the remove the executable

make clean ==> clean the directory from object and junk files

make debug ==> create a debug build for gdb

make re ==> fclean and compile again


This software depends on the followin libraries:

  • For Linux and Mac OSX:

    libgphoto2 libpthrea@@d

  • For Mac OSX

    IOKit framework CoreFundation framework

This software has only been tested with D800E Nikon camera. This software is under GPL licence and it is provided as it is without any warranty or support.