Web based Image Viewer developed @ Center for Advanced Imaging [University of Queensland]
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Tissue Stack is an open source web based image viewer which allows the user to 
view 3D data as 2D cross sections.                                             
While at its core it's modelled after GIS web mapping applications,
it's intended use is for neuro-imaging.
Tissue Stack aims at serving its data as image tiles which can be both pre- 
tiled in advance or created on the fly by extracting from the original source 

The file formats supported are Minc Toolkit files (http://bic-mni.github.io/) and nifti (http://nifti.nimh.nih.gov)

The TissueStack Image Server will convert the above mentioned formats into
its internal "raw" format which is a stream of bytes (incl. header)
for quick and easy sequential reads.                                  
A Tissue Stack Server Instance consists of the following components: 
   1) The WEB Front End => see src/web/README
   2) A Configuration Back End => see src/c++/README
   3) A Configuration Data Base => see src/sql/README
   4) An Image Server for pre and on-the-fly tiling  => see src/c++/README