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simplesamlphp auth proc filter, that get attributes from backend database and set to attributes array.

This code is delivered from:

Basic configuration

Configure this module as an Auth Proc Filter. More info at


In the following example the filter is configured for only one hosted IdP editing the file saml20-idp-hosted

$metadata = array(

		'ssp-idp' => array(


				'authproc' => array(
						10 => array(
								'existing' => 'preserve',
								'class' => 'attributecollector:AttributeCollector',
								'uidfield' => 'subject',
								'collector' => array(
										'class' => 'attributecollector:SQLCollector',
										'dsn' => 'pgsql:host=localhost;dbname=ssp-extra',
										'username' => 'ssp-extra',
										'password' => 'ssp-extra',
										'query' => 'SELECT * from extra where subject=:uidfield',



Configuration Options explained

The filter needs the following options:

  • class: The filter class. Allways: 'attributecollector:AttributeCollector'
  • uidfield: The name of the field used as an unique user identifier. The configured collector recives this uid so it can search for extra attributes.
  • collector: The configuration of the collector used to retrieve the extra attributes

The following option is optional:

  • existing: Tell the filter what to do when a collected attribute already exists in the user attributes. Values can be: 'preserve': Ignore collected attribute and preserve the old one. This one is the default behaviour. 'replace': Ignore original attribute and replace it with the collected one. 'merge': Merge the collected attribute into the array of the original one.

Collector Configuration Options explained

The collector configuration array needs at least one option:

  • class: The collector class.

Some other options may be needed by the collector, refer to the collector documentation.

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