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This is the bibliography files (in BibTeX format) of all publications from the annual International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME). These files are the source for the NIME proceedings database.

The abstracts and keywords have been scraped from the each of the original PDF file using this script. We have been doing some automatic and manual cleaning up after running the script, but there are still linguistic (and other) errors in the database. Please help us clean it up!

The idea is that keeping the bibliography in an open and accessible format, it can be usable for the community, and it will also be easier to correct errors.


All the individual BibTeX files can be merged into one large file using the following terminal command:

cat nime20* > nime_papers.bib

Publish on

To update the bibliography on the server, it is necessary to run this script


in the NIME Jekyll repository.


The canonical format for a NIME proceedings bibtex entry is:

  author = {},
  title = {},
  pages = {},
  booktitle = {Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression},
  editor = {}
  year = {},
  month = {}
  date = {},
  address = {},
  isbn = {},
  issn = {},
  articleno = {},
  track = {},
  doi = {},
  url = {},
  urlsuppl1 = {},
  urlsuppl2 = {},
  urlsuppl3 = {},
  presentation-video = {},
  keywords = {},
  abstract = {}

(more fields are under discussion in issues)

Articles should be ordered by page/article number within each proceedings file.

The script scripts/ can be used to ensure that proceedings files are in the above format.

Special charachters in the .bib file should be written in LaTeX code.

Editing / Updates

We welcome help from the community to edit and update errors in the proceedings. This is a volunteer effort!

Small edits can be done with a text editor and submitted as a pull request.

Commits should only affect files and lines where an actual change is occurring (i.e., don't change the formatting of a file arbitrarily), this allows us to revert changes if anything goes wrong.

Larger projects (e.g., updating the URL or DOI fields for a whole year of the conference) should be done exclusively with scripts, Python scripts and notebooks for loading, editing, and saving bibtex files in our standardised format are provided under /scripts. In particular, scripts/ has the canonical versions of the bibtex fields, ordering and sorting used in the proceedings.

We do not suggest using bibtex managers such as BibDesk/JabRef for small edits (although these are useful for browsing the proceedings) as these programs have a habit of changing the formatting and order of every single entry in a file.


If you have questions about the bibliograpy, please get in touch with Alexander Refsum Jensenius.


BibTeX files with information about all publications from the annual International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME)





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