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screenshot made delicious
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Screenshots made delicious and easy.

  1. Take a screenshot.
  2. Upload screenshot to an online account.
  3. Get a shareable url of your screenshot.

ScreenEat Screenshot

Say goodbye to the old and cumbersome method of taking a screenshot, saving it on disk, uploading it and finally sharing the link.


ScreenEat allows you to take screenshot of the whole screen, the active window or a cropped region of the screen.

# Whole Screen

# Active Window
screen-eat --active

# Cropped Screen
screen-eat --cropped

You may want to bind keyboard shortcuts to these commands, the process to do which depends on the system you are using.

Ok! I want to it, but how?

Checkout the latest sources with:

git clone

ScreenEat requires Python3 and PyGObject to be installed. Also make sure you have Gtk+ version >= 3.10.

# Get dependencies for debian
sudo apt-get install python3 python3-gi

Installation with pip

It's as easy as

pip3 install screen-eat

For i3 window manager

Add the following to your i3 config:

# Bindings to take screenshot
bindsym Print exec screen-eat
bindsym Shift+Print exec screen-eat --active
bindsym --release $mod+Print exec screen-eat --cropped

# Bindings with to take screenshot after 2 seconds
bindsym Ctrl+Print exec sleep 2 && screen-eat
bindsym Ctrl+Shift+Print exec sleep 2 && screen-eat --active
bindsym --release Ctrl+$mod+Print exec sleep 2 && screen-eat --cropped

ScreenEat with Imgur

Before you can start uploading screenshots using ScreenEat, you will first need an imgur account. You can still take screenshots and save it locally on your disk.

  1. Create an imgur account.
  2. Register an application from
  3. Go to Preferences and enter the authorization details.

Fields required for application registration

Field Detail
Application name ScreenEat
Authorization type ...
Authorization callback URL Optional
Website Optional
Email Your email address
Description Optional

You can choose the Authorization type that best suits you.

Authorization type What does it mean for you?
OAuth2 authorization with a callback URL Upload private snapshots and requires an authorization callback URL.
OAuth2 authorization without callback URL Upload private snapshots.
Anonymous user without user authorization Upload public snapshots anonymously.

Contributing to this project

ScreenEat is open-source and you can contribute to it if you like.

If you are a developer and find a bug, and has fixes for the problem as well, you may send us a pull request any time.

If want to contribute, make sure you first read

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