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wsabi, short for web services for acquiring biometric information, is a reference application that demonstrates the capabilities of the WS-Biometric Devices (WS-BD) protocol as defined by NIST Special Publication 500-288, Specification for WS-Biometric Devices.

wsabi requires iOS 6.0 or later.

##Logging In addition to being a WS-BD reference implementation, wsabi collects touch logging information (for most controls) in support of cognitive modeling efforts. Touch and other custom logging macros are exposed in BWSDDLog.h, via extensions to CocoaLumberjack.

Logs are saved as plain text files that can be retrieved from a device via iTunes File Sharing. When connected to Xcode, logs are also printed to the console.

The various types of logging can be toggled via the Settings popover, which is enabled via the system Settings app.

##Bug Reporting Please report any and all bugs found as a new GitHub Issue (after checking that the issue has not already been added). If the bug is a crash, please include the crash information logged in the most recent Log-######.txt file (retrieved via iTunes).


A second version of the wsabi iPad app for biometric device control over Web Services.



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