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An Django based web-app exclusively for NIT Durgapur

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Key Features

  • Based on Python
  • Powered by Django
  • Access secured only to registered students
  • Study materials, placement/internship news, contacts all in here
  • Open to contribution ✌️

How to Use

  • Start off by forking this repository and cloning it to get your local copy.

    > git clone 
  • If you prefer a virtual-environment (pipenv suggested) you should have pip and pipenv installed.

    > sudo apt install python3-pip python3-dev
      pip3 install --user pipenv 

    Add pipenv to PATH

    echo "PATH=$HOME/.local/bin:$PATH" >> ~/.bashrc
    source ~/.bashrc
  • Navigate to your local directory and initiate a python 3 environment.

    > pipenv --three 
  • Activate your virtual environment.

    > pipenv shell

    Now install all requisites in requirements.txt .

    cd pro1
    pip install -r requirements.txt

    where x is everything inside requirements.txt

    Here is what your Pipfile will appear when you're ready to go

    django = "*"
    gunicorn = "*" 
    django-heroku = "*"
    django-crispy-forms = "*"
    django-registration = "*"
    requests = "*"
  • Configure environment variable using python-decople

  • Navigate to pro1 and rename .env.example to .env

  • Run the following command in your terminal.

    > python runserver
  • Navigate to http://localhost:8000 to see it in action.


Head to contribution guidelines to know more about how you can help us to improve.


Recognising all people who not only pushed code

Monsij Biswal

👀 📢 💻

Satyajit Das

👀 📢 💻

Vivek Modi


Hariom Verma

👀 💻 📢

Nikhil Gupta

💻 📢

Tiyas Dey

💻 📢

Gopa Vasanth

💻 📢

Prashant Sharma

💻 📢

Yashvi Patel

💻 📢

Aman Singh Kushwah

💻 📢

Bhanu Prakash Poluparthi

💻 📢

Arpit Agrawal

💻 📢

Akash Giri

💻 📢

Rahul Otwani

💻 📢

Nishi Chauhan


Uday Mewada



All related communications take place here

Past Programs

KWoC We have been a part of Kharagpur Winter of Code.


Exactly putting we want it to be simple are permissive. Interested contributors are heartedly welcomed. 😊


  • The initial version was made in just a span of 27 hours, yes it was that short
  • Authentication and Profile credits to Satyajit Das
  • CSS, Bootstrap Rendering realized by Anoop Kumar
  • General codebase and framework by Monsij Biswal

For more info head to Wiki for more information

Cheers :fun: