Application Template for "The GSoC Heat"

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(*) marked fields are mandatory

Student info (*)


Alternate names: (e.g. github username, irc nick, any other preferred names)



Blog Link: ( Optional )

Most organizations make it a requirement to submit your weekly progress in form of blog post. Even if its not mandatory it's good to write a blog on our experience. You don't have to be regular. Optional for "The GSoC Heat"

Code sample (*)

Link to a patch/code sample made in the repository you want to contribute to. Include link to Pull requests even it isn't merged

Project info (*)

  • Proposal Title:

    The name of your proposal. This should explain in a few words what you plan to do and include the name of the repository you want to contribute to e.g. "CAT-Forum: Creating email notification system"

  • Proposal Abstract:

    A short description of your proposed project

  • Proposal Detailed Description/Timeline ()**

    Please include timeline with milestones, preferably daily ones (for "The GSoC Heat"). You may wish to read the GSoC student guide which includes several examples of good proposals with timelines. This is the most important part of the proposal as it mentions how you are going to work on the given timeline. Make it wisely and take time for this. You can see how I made the Timeline for my GSoC proposal


Describe your technical background; what languages you use, what projects you've contributed to before, links to GitHub or other code repositories or samples. Include as many as possible as this describes your previous works. Even if its a tarball or zip of an application you made or any app you hosted somewhere just upload that in github and share the link

Extra Information

This information isn't much important but Organizations still include it. So fill it up shouldn't take much time

  • Link to resume:
  • University info
    • University Name: NIT Durgapur
    • Major:
    • Current Year and Expected Graduation date:
    • Degree: B.Tech
  • Other Contact info:
    • Alternate contact info in case your primary email above stops working:
    • Homepage:
    • Instant messaging:
    • Twitter:

Future Involvement

Explain how you intend to continue being an active member of your project and/or NIT-dgp AFTER the contest is over.

This application template has been made based on the GSOC 2016 application Template of Python Software Foundation

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