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Meme Retrieval Engine

Join the chat at Author: Aniq Ur Rahman | @Aniq55


Project Description

Technologies employed

  • Image Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Shell Scripting


The memes are collected from popular subreddits using a scraper script scrape/


  • The memes collected are put in raw folder and the script is run
  • Each file name is extracted and stored in a text file next to the new hex based filename generated for the image
  • The standardized images are stored in the processed folder

Query Extraction

  • The entered query is split into words and synonyms for each word is added to the list of related queries using the nltk library
  • We scan the database to match words with the words in related queries
  • This broadens the search area and minimizes zero output scenarios

Relevance to query

  • The memes are ordered in order of their relevance to the search query
  • This is done by assigning a score to each meme present in the database and then sorting in descending order of scores

Optical Character Recognition

  • OCR is done using Tesseract to extract text from the memes which is an essential part of the project
  • The extracted text are not perfectly accurate so the output from ocr is fed into the spellchecker of the Python autocorrect library
  • The spellchecker makes the conversion more accurate

Quick Testing

To run the GUI and test the functionalities, simply type

sudo bash

Collect and Run

  • To collect the memes from subreddits
sudo bash
  • The bash script prepares the database which allows the Meme Engine to function properly
  • To run the Meme Retrieval Engine (Meme Finder) type
sudo bash
  • Enter the query in the text field and click on Go
  • The memes are sorted based on relevance
  • The selected memes can be browsed using the Next and Previous buttons

Add new subreddits to the list

sudo bash


  • cv2 (OpenCV)
  • pytesseract
  • nltk
  • PIL
  • hashlib
  • shutil
  • autocorrect
  • pickle

Future Improvements

  • Adding functionality to the progress bar
  • Correct the size scaling of memes for display on the canvas
  • Adding feature to flush stored memes
  • Storing popular meme templates and checking images for similarity and associating special keywords


  • renames the memes present in raw folder to a unique hex digest generated filename and moves it to processed folder

  • extractText(image_path): extracts text using OCR from the meme at image_path

  • generateQuery(query): Extends the query to include all synonyms related to the input query using nltk package
  • create_index(database): creates an dictionary (index) of all memes stored in the database, where the filename is the key and the associated text is the value
  • getScore(INDEX, keywords): Creates a relevance based score list matched with the filenames in INDEX for the given keywords
  • load_index(index_name): Loads an index dictionary from index_name using pickle library

  • meme: class which contains vital information like memeList and currentImage and the object of this class is very important in the functioning of the GUI
  • getMemeList(query): gets the list of memes which match the given query
  • display(canvas, image_path): displays the image at image_path on the canvas in the GUI
  • go(canvas, query): this function initiates all the process essential for the GUI to function. It gets the memeList ready based on the entered query and also dispays the first meme on the canvas
  • prev(canvas): displays the previous image on the canvas
  • next(canvas): displays the next image on the canvas