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UIP Is Pretty

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UIP scrapes images from reddit and unsplash, and applies them as a wallpaper on your desktop(with configurable schedule). Works with Windows, Mac and Gtk based desktops on Linux.

Examples Of UIP Wallpapers

alt text alt text alt text

Set Up

For Users:

To install UIP, just run the command

sudo pip install UIP

For Testers & Developers:

First clone the source repository from github using the command

git clone

To install the requirements run the command

sudo python3 install

Note: We only support Python 3.5 or later versions.

Note: make sure you have setuptools, to do that run: pip install setuptools.

Note: there is no sudo for windows as well as when you have root privileges. Just run commands without sudo

Note: some setups use python instead of python3 and pip3 instead of pip

Note: For some OS' you might need to install Imagetk(needed in our GUI) separately for eg: in Ubuntu you can install it by: sudo apt-get install python3-pil.imagetk


To run just type


from anywhere inside the terminal/console.

If you want to try out our experimental GUI feature: use: UIP --ui

To install requirements for experimental GUI, run: pip install -r gui-requirements.txt

For help use UIP --help

Contact Us

How To Package

To package into source distribution, run the following command

python sdist

How to test? (this installs UIP to your library)

cd dist/
tar xzf UIP-<version-no>.tar.gz
cd UIP-<version-no>/
python install

How to run?


How To Contribute

UIP is in its very early development stage, you can go over the issues on the github issues page and send in a PR.

your commits in the PR should be of the form:

shortlog: commit message

commit body
Fixes <issue number>

where short log is the area/filename where you make the change commit message is the very brief description of the change made by you and any other additional details go into the commit body.

Note: If you're an absolute newcomer, these sources might help you out. Though keep in mind some of the standards are different.


While developing, to test, you should first install the test-requirements by running:

pip install -r test-requirements.txt

then test your work by the command:


If you want to lint your files you can run


and commit all changes suggested

Do remember to keep your master branch updated at all times and always work on a different branch.

Happy coding :)