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This project is a fork of Stanislav Yaglo's mynes (https://github.com/yaglo/mynes). We mainly refactored the project for brevity and portabilty, by removing unused comments and changing the file structure. LiteNES runs classical roms (e.g., Battle City, Yie Ar Kung-Fu and Super Mario), but has only partial support of NES roms, and does not support the emulation of APU.

The key feature of LiteNES is its portability: the system-call-dependent code is reduced to minimal (only appears in hal.c and main.c). All other sources do not contain any direct or indirect calls to the operating system kernel. Also, the only calls to standard C library are memory movements (e.g., memcpy and memcmp). To port LiteNES to other systems, only slight modification of main.c and re-implementation of hal.c is required.


To compile LiteNES, you must have allegro5 library. Usually you can install it in the official software repository (by apt-get, yum, pacman or emerge, depending on your Linux distribution). For Ubuntu users, if you cannot find allegro5 in your sources, please find liballegro5.0 and liballegro5-dev deb package and install them.

Type make in the command line to compile. Resolve any error message until the litenes binary file is created.

Game Play

You need to prepare a NES rom first. Assume it (rom.nes) is located in the same directory as the LiteNES binary. Then in this directory, type ./litenes rom.nes to start the emulator.

Key bindings: UP - W, DOWN - S, LEFT - A, RIGHT - D, SELECT - U, START - I, A - K and B - J. Only one player is supported. Type CTRL C in terminal to exit.

LiteNES running Yie-Ar Kung Fu