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For (VB.NET) & (C#) Examples, and Syntax Help File see release page.
Compile and reference both iTextSharp.dll & FDFApp.dll inside your Visual Studio .Net projects.
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<p><strong>Project Description</strong><br>
FDFToolkit .NET makes it easier to read, write, create, populate, parse, merge FDF, XDP, XFDF, and XML data with Acrobat and LiveCycle PDF forms. utilizes iTextSharp 4.x technologies, under MPL license.<br>
<br> utilizes iTextSharp Technologies, under MPL license.<br>
<a title="Wiki MPL" href="" target="_blank"><em>Public</em>License</a><br>
A modified iTextSharp library source code can be found at:<br>
<a title="Modified iTextSharp v4.0.7" href="" target="_blank"></a><br>
The iTextSharp 4.0.7 binary is included in the source code.<br>
For support, examples, and related information please visit:<br>
<a title="" href="" target="_blank"></a></p>
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