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NLP Suite

GitHub release (latest by date)
Click here to download the current release of the NLP Suite package.
Click here for installation instructions.

image (The NLP Graphical User Interface (GUI) after downloading, installing, and running the

image (The NLP Suite main menu after clicking the Enter NLP Suite button)

What is NLP Suite

In an age of BIG DATA, the purpose of the suite is rather to provide humanists and social scientists a wide range of computational tools for the analysis and visualization of smaller datasets, the more typical datasets humanists and social scientists use (e.g., the works of one Nobel Prize winner, a handful of in-depth interviews, a few thousand newspaper articles).

Furthermore, the NLP Suite is designed for non-specialists, for scholars with no knowledge or little knowledge of Natural Language Processing. As Rafael Piloto puts it, our target user is a fourth grader.

The NLP Suite runs on either Windows or Mac Operating Systems. Many of the core algorithms of the current release of the NLP Suite work for the English Language only (e.g., Stanford CoreNLP, WordNet). Check out supported OS & language.

The NLP Suite was developed by Roberto Franzosi at Emory University with the help of a team of collaborators. Check out the team and see how your can join.