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The eMetabolomics research project Code Health

The eMetabolomics project is funded by the Netherlands eScience Center and is carried out at Wageningen University and the Netherlands eScience Center in collaboration with the Netherlands Metabolomics Centre. The project develops chemo-informatics based methods for metabolite identification and biochemical network reconstruction in an integrative metabolomics data analysis workflow.


MAGMa is a abbreviation for 'Ms Annotation based on in silico Generated Metabolites'.

Screenshot MAGMa results page


  • emetabolomics_site - The website
  • job - Runs MAGMa calculation
  • joblauncher - Webservice to execute jobs
  • pubchem - Processing of PubChem database, used to find mass candidates
  • web - Web application to start jobs and view results

Subproject interdependencies

  • The emetabolomics_site website can be used as starting pages for the web application.
  • The job calculation requires a pubchem lookup database which can be made using the pubchem application.
  • The web application starts job calculations via the joblauncher webservice.

Joblauncher submodule

Use following command to initialize and fetch the joblauncher submodule:

git submodule update --init


MAGMa is released under the Apache License Version 2.0. The MAGMa web application uses ExtJS GPLv3 with application exception.