Provide machine-readable descriptions of your data assets
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FAIR Data Point (FDP)

FDP is a stand-alone (RESTful) web application that enables data owners to expose their datasets and data users to discover more information about available datasets according to the FAIR Data Guiding Principles. In particular, FDP addresses the findability or discoverability of data by providing descriptions at four hierarchical levels (metadata):


Currently, there are two FDP implementations (prototypes) in:

FDP software specification can be found here.

Web API documentation

Example instance:

Programmatic access to FDP-, catalog-, dataset- and distribution-level metadata

curl -iH 'Accept: text/turtle'
curl -iH 'Accept: text/turtle'
curl -iH 'Accept: text/turtle'
curl -iH 'Accept: text/turtle'

Note: FDP supports the following RDF serializations (MIME-types):

  • Turtle (text/turtle)
  • N-Triples (application/n-triples)
  • RDF/XML (application/rdf+xml)
  • JSON-LD (application/ld+json)