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Network visualization for Case Law Analytics

The visualization is shown at

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.

If you use this software or the online tool, please acknowledge by citing the DOI.


Clone the github repository:

git clone

Cd to the case-law-app directory and run:

npm install

To run the application:

npm start

To deploy the application to gh-pages (using gh-pages):

npm run deploy

Data format

It is possible to upload a json file with a network to the visualization. This json file can be created with the caselawnet Python application.


This should be the structure of the JSON file (containing one example node):

      "id": "",
      "ecli": "ECLI:NL:HR:2000:AA5634",
      "title": "ECLI:NL:HR:2000:AA5634 Hoge Raad , 28-04-2000 / C98/220HR",
      "date": "2000-04-28",
      "year": 2000,
      "abstract": "-",
      "creator": "",
      "subject": "",
      "count_version": 5,
      "count_annotation": 2,
      "articles": ["Onteigeningswet 73"],
      "degree": 1,
      "degree_centrality": 0.0064516129032258064,
      "in_degree": 0,
      "in_degree_centrality": 0.0,
      "rel_in_degree": 0.0,
      "out_degree": 1,
      "out_degree_centrality": 0.0064516129032258064,
      "closeness_centrality": 0.012903225806451613,
      "betweenness_centrality": 0.0,
      "pagerank": 0.0038386703423328333,
      "hubs": 4.528120703550719e-97,
      "authorities": 0.0,
      "community": "1",
      "x": 0.4335141987424399,
      "y": 0.8291632847446144,
      "id": ..,
      "source": "",
      "target": ..

Documentation of the node attributes:

  • Identifying attributes:
    • id: Unique identifier of the node. Preferably an URL that is visitable.
    • ecli European Case Law identifier
  • Meta information of the law case:
    • title: Full title
    • date: Date of the case
    • year: Year of the case
    • abstract: Abstract of the case
    • creator: Creator of the doument
    • subject: Subject of the case
    • count_version: number of published versions
    • count_annotation: number of published versions with annotations
    • articles: Law articles references by this case
  • Network statistics (optional) (See caselawnet.network_analysis)
    • degree
    • degree_centrality
    • in_degree
    • in_degree_centrality
    • rel_in_degree
    • out_degree
    • out_degree_centrality
    • closeness_centrality
    • betweenness_centrality
    • pagerank
    • hubs
    • authorities
    • community: Louvain community
  • Other attributes:
    • x (optional): Initial x-position of the node in the visualizaion (to ensure consistent layout)
    • y (optional): Initial y-position of the node in the visualization (to ensure consistent layout)

Documentation of the link attributes:

  • id: Unique identifier of the link. This could be a concatenation of source and target
  • source: id value of the source node
  • source: id value of the target node