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A .NET implementation of the Lightning Network
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NLightning is a library to connect, synchronize, send and receive payments with the lightning network.

Current implementation uses bitcoind (with -txindex) as backend.

⚠ NLightning is in an early development stage, do not use with real funds!


  • DNS bootstrap
  • Download and synchronize network view
  • Open channels
  • Mutual and unilateral closing of channels
  • Handle penalty and remote unilateral close
  • Send and receive payments
  • SPV wallet support (BIP 157, BIP 158)
  • Backup channels
  • Support watchtowers

Supported platforms:

  • .NET Core (Linux, MacOS, Windows)

Not yet supported:

  • Xamarin iOS
  • Xamarin Android


  • NBitcoin
  • EFCore
  • Portable.BouncyCastle
  • System.Reactive
  • Microsoft Extensions (Logging)
  • DnsClient
  • xUnit, Moq



ECKeyPair localLightningKey = new ECKeyPair("<node private key>", true);
ECKeyPair walletKey = new ECKeyPair("<wallet private key>", true);

LightningNode node = new LightningNode(localLightningKey, walletKey, NetworkParameters.BitcoinTestnet);

node.ConfigureServices(services =>
    // by default NLightning loads the configuration from a nlightning.json file located in the working directory.
    // if you want to load your own configuration instead add it to the services:
    // services.AddSingleton(new ConfigurationBuilder()
    //                       .SetBasePath(Directory.GetCurrentDirectory())
    //                       .AddJsonFile("my-config.json", true, true));
    // we use bitcoind (with -txindex) as backend
    services.AddSingleton<IBlockchainClientService, BitcoindClientService>();
    // configure logging
    services.AddLogging(logging => logging.SetMinimumLevel(LogLevel.Debug)
                                          .AddConsole(options => options.IncludeScopes = false)
                                          .AddFilter("Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore", LogLevel.Warning));
    // configure network db (gossip data)
    // we support sqlite, but others should work as well
    services.AddDbContext<NetworkPersistenceContext>(options => options.UseSqlite("Data Source=network.db"));
    // configure local db (channel and peer data) 
    // private keys are stored here
    services.AddDbContext<LocalPersistenceContext>(options => options.UseSqlite("Data Source=local.db"));

// Start all services.

Configuration Entities: BitcoindClientConfiguration, BlockchainConfiguration, ChannelConfiguration, NetworkViewConfiguration, PeerConfiguration

Connect to a node

IPeerService peerService = node.Services.GetService<IPeerService>();
NodeAddress nodeAddress = NodeAddress.Parse("<publickey@ip:port>");
IPeer peer = peerService.AddPeer(nodeAddress, persist: true, reconnect: true);

Open a channel

var channelEstablishmentService = node.Services.GetService<IChannelEstablishmentService>();
channelEstablishmentService.SuccessProvider.Subscribe(peerAndChannel =>
    // $"Opened a channel (ID: {peerAndChannel.Channel.ChannelId} with peer {peerAndChannel.Peer.NodeAddress}";  

// Open a channel with a funding of 25000 Satoshis
channelEstablishmentService.OpenChannel(peer, 25000);

Get all active channels and updates

IChannelService channelService = node.Services.GetService<IChannelService>();
var activeChannels = channelService.Channels.Where(c => c.Active);
var channelStateService = node.Services.GetService<IChannelStateService>();
    .Where(c => c.Active)
    .Subscribe(channel =>
        // Channel is active

Close a channel

IChannelCloseService closeService = node.Services.GetService<IChannelCloseService>();

// mutual close, if peer is not available do an unilateral close:
closeService.Close(channel, unilateralCloseOnUnavailability: true);

// unilateral close:

Get all channels and nodes in the network

var networkViewService = node.Services.GetService<INetworkViewService>();
var networkChannels = networkViewService.View.GetChannels();
var networkNodes = networkViewService.View.GetNodes();
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