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0.14.5 ‘Who dis? New Phone’

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@partim partim released this 27 Jun 14:44
· 27 commits to main since this release


  • Allow overriding the initial manifest number when initializing the TA signer, either by specifying --initial_manifest_number in the CLI or by including ta_mft_nr_override: #nr in the ImportTa JSON. (#1178)
  • Allow overriding the TA manifest number when signing a TA proxy request by specifying --ta_mft_number_override in the CLI. (#1178)

Bug fixes

  • Prevent empty RRDP delta lists to be produced. (#1181)
  • Correctly encode empty revocation lists in CRLs. (via rpki-rs#295)
  • Allow read access to the RIS dump while downloading a new dump. (#1179)
  • Don’t apply “child revoke key” command if the resource class does not exist. (#1208)

Other changes

  • The minimum supported Rust version is now 1.70.0. (#1198)