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@partim partim released this Nov 28, 2019 · 13 commits to master since this release

This version contains a bug that causes Routinator to occasionally get stuck completely. Please do not use this version and upgrade to 0.6.4 instead.

This release primarily fixes an issue where all RRDP requests would time out in detached server mode, i.e., if server mode is invoked with the -d option. Because Routinator only falls back to rsync if an RRDP fetch for
a given repository has never succeeded and otherwise uses the data previously fetched (assuming that the RRDP failure was only of a temporary nature), this caused the eventual loss of the RIPE and APNIC regions’ ROAs if Routinator was ever run in a different way before.

But it is not all bleak news, there is a new feature, too. Veit Heller kindly contributed code to make Routinator reload the TALs and restart validation in server mode when signal USR1 is sent to it. This can be used both to notify Routinator of a change in the set of TALs without having to tear down all RTR
sessions as well as kicking off a new validation run before the refresh time has passed.


  • Reload TALs and restart validation via SIGUSR1 on Unix systems. (#241, thanks to Veit Heller!)

Bug Fixes

  • RRDP requests failed with a timeout if Routinator was started in detached server mode (server -d). (#250, discovered by Will McLendon)
  • Fix spelling of routinator_rrdp_duration metrics definition. (#248)
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