Unable to save the date using GDC #1890

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Hi am unable to save the Date into DB and also Json data,
column name is "TestDate" timestamp without time zone in Postgre and
"SampleJson" json;

c# code:

GlobalDiagnosticsContext.Set("TestDate", "2017-06-15");
GlobalDiagnosticsContext.Set("SampleJson", jsondata);

nlog code: <parameter name="@TestDate" layout=${gdc:TestDate}/>
nlog code : <parameter name="@SampleJson" layout=${gdc:SampleJson}>

and am using "NLog": "5.0.0-beta03", and the code is in .net Core.
I tried with all the formats of dates like shortdate, longdate, date with formats etc when am sendng the date directly into query in Nlog its working.


Please check the internal log


Any luck with this?

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