AppDomain Layout Renderer

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Render the application domain name.

From NLog 4.0+, in NLog.Extended

Configuration Syntax



Rendering Options

**format - The formating. Default to Long. possible options:

  • Long: default. The id as four number digit, colon, friendlyname. E.g. 0003:NLog.UnitTests
  • Short. Only the id as two number digit, like "03".
  • or custom like {0} - {1}. The first parameter is the"AppDomain.Id", the second the second the "AppDomain.FriendlyName". Note: use escaping of the brackets. See examples.


Examples in the .config

${appdomain} //e.g. 0003:NLog.UnitTests
${appdomain:format=short} //e.g. 03
${appdomain:format=long} //e.g. 0003:NLog.UnitTests
${appdomain:format={1\} - {0\} //e.g. NLog.UnitTests - 3