Cached Layout Renderer

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Applies caching to another layout output.

Supported in .NET, Silverlight, Compact Framework and Mono.

Configuration Syntax


or by using ambient property to modify output of other layout renderer:



Caching Options

  • cached - Indicates whether this CachedLayoutRendererWrapper is enabled. Boolean Default: True
  • clearCache - Introduced in NLog 4.2. Indicates when the cache is cleared. Possible options: None, OnInit, Onclose. ClearCacheOption Default: OnInit, OnClose.
  • cacheKey - the layout to be checked if the cache is still valid. For example, the current day. Default null. Introduced in NLog 4.3.9

Transformation Options

  • inner - Wrapped layout. Layout


  • ${cached:cached=true:clearCache=OnInit,OnClose:inner=l}: The value of l is cached and the cache will be cleared when the layout renderer is initialized or when it is closed. This is the same as ${cached:cached=true:inner=l}.
  • ${cached:cached=true:clearCache=None:inner=l}: The value of l is cached and the cache will not be cleared.
  • filename="${cached:cached=true:Inner=${date:format=yyyy-MM-dd}:CacheKey=${shortdate}}.log" - Use the first logtime and day in the file name, only one file per day.


The value of the inner layout will be rendered only once and reused subsequently.