Callsite layout renderer

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The call site (class name, method name and source information).

Supported in .NET, Silverlight and Mono.

Configuration Syntax



Rendering Options

  • className - Indicates whether to render the class name.Boolean Default: True
  • includeNamespace - Include namespace in class name? Introduced in NLog 4.4. Default: True
  • fileName - Indicates whether to render the source file name and line number.Boolean Default: False
  • includeSourcePath - Indicates whether to include source file path.Boolean Default: True
  • methodName - Indicates whether to render the method name.Boolean Default: True
  • cleanNamesOfAnonymousDelegates - Indicates whether the method name will be cleaned up if it is detected as an anonymous delegate. Boolean Default: False
  • skipFrames - The number of frames to skip. Integer Default: 0


please note that the method name won't work well with async methods before NLog 4.3 - it will always show MoveNext.