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MSMQ target

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Writes log message to the specified message queue handled by MSMQ.

Supported in .NET, Compact Framework and Mono.

Configuration Syntax

  <target xsi:type="MSMQ"
          queue="Layout" />

Read more about using the Configuration File.


General Options

  • name - Name of the target. ###Layout Options

  • useXmlEncoding - Indicates whether to use the XML format when serializing message. Boolean Default: False

  • encoding - Encoding to be used when writing text to the queue. Encoding

  • layout - Layout used to format log messages. Layout Required. Default: ${longdate}|${level:uppercase=true}|${logger}|${message}

Queue Options

  • queue - Name of the queue to write to. Layout Required.
    To write to a private queue on a local machine use .\private$\QueueName. For other available queue names, consult MSMQ documentation.

  • recoverable - Indicates whether to use recoverable messages (with guaranteed delivery). Boolean Default: False

  • createQueueIfNotExists - Indicates whether to create the queue if it doesn't exists. Won't do anything when checkIfQueueExists is false. Boolean Default: False

  • checkIfQueueExists - If false, won't check for the existence of the queue. This is sometimes needed for private remote queues (where the .exists would throw an Exception). Boolean Default: True

  • label - Label to associate with each message. Layout Default: "NLog"


The MSMQ target requires that:

  • NLog.extended.dll be along side the NLog.dll at runtime.
  • The machine doing the logging have MSMQ installed with the Active Directory Domain Services Integration option. If the option is not installed, the target will throw an exception.
  • The queue being written to is NOT transactional.
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