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Colors & Formatting:

  • Colors and formatting normally go on until changed/removed, but they reset on new lines
  • Color tags:
    • [white], [black], [yellow], [gold], [aqua], [dark_aqua], [blue], [dark_blue], [light_purple], [dark_purple], [red], [dark_red], [green], [dark_green], [gray], [dark_gray]
    • When you use a color it will override the last one
  • Formatting tags:
    • [bold], [italic], [underlined], [strikethrough], [obfuscated]
    • When you use a formatting tag it will enable this formatting
    • When you use a close tag of a format it will disable that formatting
  • The color and formatting inside a hover is seperate (start with nothing, resets each line)
  • Tags are not case sensitive
  • The following tags are equivalents:
    • [strikethrough] = [s]
    • [bold] = [b]
    • [italic] = [i]
    • [underline] = [u]

Breaks (newlines):

  • The break symbol is: [break]
  • Using it will cause the text to wrap to the next line in chat, so if [break][break] is used it will leave an empty line
  • The end of a list element (string) does NOT automatically result in a break in the chat
  • After using [break] there may not be more text in this line, from there only more [break] tags are allowed (more text can go in a new list entry)

Special effect tags:

  • Tags are for adding special effects to a part of the text, used as the following: link:
  • Supported tags:
    • Link: If clicked it will cause a “Do you want to visit this website?” popup
    • Hover: If hovered over with the mouse it will give information in a little box
      • You can use multiple lines with this tag to get multi-line hover popups
    • Suggest: If clicked it will put a string into the chat box
    • Command: If clicked it will execute a command as the player
  • The hover tag supports all colors and formatting like with normal text
  • Tags do not need to be indented, but normally are for readability
  • Tags are not case sensitive


  • [esc] can be used to escape 1 character, so if you want to have link: as text you need a [esc] in front of this. Then the first character will be escaped and since ink: is not a valid tag anymore it will be shown as text instead of being used as link on the previous text part.
  • Placing [esc][esc] in the text will result in the text [esc] being printed, the first escape will be handled as such, this will escape [ and therefore the text behind this will be esc] and this is just text
  • Also works for variables


  • Use lowercase characters for tags
  • When using a special effect tag indent the line by 4 spaces (up for debate)


The below examples assume writing the format in YAML format.

Simple messages

A simple message without any formatting.

message: "You do not have permission to use that command!"

A message that is bold and red to make it look more serious.

message: "[red][bold]You really do not have permission!"

A message with more color and format changes.

message: "[red][bold]You[/bold] really do not have [green][underline]permission[reset]!"

A multi-line message.

  - "First line"
  - "[red], still on the first line[break]"
  - "Second line because of the break above"
  - ", but no color."

Using hover/click parts

A message with some hover tooltips, each hover will start on a new line.

  - "Hello there!"
  - "    hover: Have a good day!"
  - "    hover: Second tooltip line :)"

A message with a tooltip and command.

  - "Hello there!"
  - "    hover: Click me to use /help!"
  - "    command: /help"