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KopiLua updated to Lua 5.1.5
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lib/nunit Added iOS test for KopiLua. Feb 2, 2013
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KopiLua.iOS.sln * Dir clean and fix. May 21, 2013
Makefile.include * Makefile update. Oct 30, 2014 * Makefile update. Oct 30, 2014 * Makefile update. Oct 30, 2014
expansions.m4 [KopiLua] Using targetFramework 4.5 to run tests. Aug 18, 2014


Build Status

  • What is KopiLua?

Kopi Lua was originally a C# port of the Lua v.5.1.4 virtual machine, parser, libraries and command-line utilities. It has been updated to Lua 5.1.5 on Feb/08/2012 by Vinicius Jarina.

  • Contributing

  • KopiLua is using the Mono Code-Style .

  • Please, do not change the line-end or re-indent the code.

  • Run the tests before push.

  • Avoid to push unneeded style changes (unless is really needed) renaming, move code.

  • Availability

Like Lua, KopiLua is freely available for both academic and commercial purposes. The COPYRIGHT file contains the license details as well as links to sites containing specific information with regards to the licensing terms.

  • Installation

Kopi Lua is implemented in C# and has been tested on Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Professional. In order for Kopi Lua to successfully compile the following conditional compilation symbols must be defined in the project settings:


  • Contact/Bug Reports etc

Please report all bugs and issues to Vinicius Jarina/viniciusjarina ( (Old: Please report all bugs and issues to Mark Feldman (

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